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Valve Alignment Tool V2

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Version 2 Valve Alignment Tool

Tired of your Autococker Valve Spinning when you tighten the Hollow lock jam nut.  Toll helps align it as it tightens forward without spinning.    So how is this different form the set screw you ask.  Well simple the is not a "Set Screw" that grabs the valve with it cup point.  This tool will not cut in to the brass or Alu, it acts as a guide.  

Full disclosure here "THIS IS NOT MY IDEA"  the famous Danny Love of Shocktech USA uses a similar tool when he build each and every Shocktech SFL's.  

Yes I stole the idea and like other did with the 3 O-ring designed 3-way.  And now I'm selling it.  

Thanks Danny for the great idea.