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So, who is Docfire

I started my paintball adventure in 1990 with a trusty Tippmann pro and played at Paintball Sams, near Sacramento, CA, owned by Oh Powlack “The Pro You Know.”  1996 I won a Automag RT for one of the original paintball web sites which the name escapes me, as HPA was new and really expensive to get into is traded the prize for a new standard Automag and Spider at Oh Powlack shop Predator paintball, what a deal LOL.  It wasn't until 1999 that I got my first Autococker and wow what a hunk of Sh*t it was out of the box.    This is where my journey of Autococker upgrade parts began.   The good, the bad and the ugly of Autococker upgrades. 

During the beginning of the SpaceGun revolution, I left the sport for a few years.  It wasn’t until 2005’s that I came crawling back to the sport.   Autocockers had changed and were quickly falling out of popularity.  Good for me as the prices were dirt cheap and Craig's List was full of $150-200 high-end Autocockers.  As any good collector “hoarder” I spent my paychecks on old tech.   With the 2008 economy the fall of mech paintball hit, and soon after the fall of paintball in general.  As US based manufacturing left to overseas, cocker prices drop some more and my collection grew.

No as a full on HOARDER of parts and Autocockers I think I have seen the good the bad and the ugly of tuning, maintenance, and part quality.  And with a collection at one point of 200+ cockers I had a chance to test a lot.

Jan 2012 Empire comes out with the Sniper Pump…..and I’m the FIRST person to make it an Autococker.  https://youtu.be/CED1FOknMmI My YouTube Channel begins.  Lots of phone calls on this video.  Soon after in 2013 Empire came out with the Resurrection Autococker.  I did the first in depth review of this new Autococker hear https://youtu.be/3oeS1XjJwNk and in the forums. 

My hobby had led to a YouTube channel and a small following in the Autococker community.  Sill paintball had been a hobby and stress release from my real job. 

May 2019 Suppergame Oregon, not my first Supergame but my first as a retired person.   I celebrate a 31-year career with the largest fire department in the world “CAL FIRE.”  From second in charge of a statewide fire investigation program as a Peace Officer/Firefighter, to my new life as a private citizen.   It took a year of figuring out what to do, and you know they say do what you love, so Paintball it is.  So Jul 2020 Docfire Paintball Store opens. 

Garrett Simmons


 My '99 with ANS 3way, HPR and LPR , ShockTech ram, CenterFlag DanaFlow Tank at Action Paintball Games (APG) Sacramento, CA (90's)


 Supergame Oregon 2018 myself and Dan the owner of Killshot Kustoms

2017 Supergame Customcocker booth (meet up) hosted by Dan, Shane, and myself.  Booth shared with Killshot Kustoms.  

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