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It is finally here a Shocktech 11/16" PHAT Rat valve.  So, what is it, well it’s the PHAT cousin to the legendary 9/16" RAT valve.  It’s the same internally, the seal, and the SS valve pin.   The difference is the outer shell allows you to install the PHAT 11/16"Rat into markers that take the larger 11/16" valve. 

Comes with:

  • Outer valve body aluminum and anodized clear
  • SS valve pin with shaft seal
  • Nylon valve seal
  • Two 70d 015 body seal
  • Cone tip set screw (required for installation alignment)


List of 11/16" valve markers:

  • Empire Resurrection and Sniper Pump
  • Inception Designs Cocker (no early 9/16” ones)
  • Meteor Paintball Cocker
  • AKA Merlin and Merlin spec cockers Excalibur, Viking, and Evil-M
  • Killshot Kustoms Merlin spec markers
  • CCM 11/16" valve bodies
  • WGP Trilogy’s
  • WGP 06 Blackmagic

NOTE:  Shocktech USA cannot guarantee fitment and or performance in any other manufacture 11/16” bodies.  Nor can we offer tech advice on how to make it work in your situation do to the amount of variable.  We always recommend using a qualified air smith for installation of any of our products.



Q:  Where is the PHAT Rat made?

A:  All Shocktech branded parts like the PHAT Rat are proudly made here in the USA.  Unlike our competition which are made overseas.  And our prices are better.  

Q:  Is the PHAT Rat an upgrade to my current Shocktech SFL

A:  No

Q:  Will new Shocktech SFL guns be offered in 11/16” valve variants

A:  Shocktech has NO plans to move to a 11/16” valve bodies.

Q:  How low pressure will my marker be now?

A:  Well, that’s a hard one to answer as there are so many variables.  Try slightly stiffer valve and hammer springs than ST springs and test, test, test.  A slight change in other parts like a regulator will have big outcomes. 

Q:  My valve won’t fit in my gun

A:  Make sure it’s an 11/16” valve gun first.  Use lube to on the o-rings.  Try 014 o-rings in place of the 015.  Try different durometer o-ring 70d and 90d

Q:  My valve leaks down the barrel.

A:  Make sure the valve pin spring slips over the ridge on the SS valve pin if it doesn’t it may be putting a side load on the SS valve pin causing it to leak.

A:  You may have overtightened the valve retaining coned set screw.  Take frame off the marker, lower the LPR pressure to 0, then gas up the cocker while holding the cocking rod back.  Now take your hex (allen) key and slightly loosen the valve set screw till the leak stops.  Then snug the set screw down again (Not tight).  De-gas and re-gas to make sure the leak is gone.  If not, redo the above steps, or check the valve body o-rings for damage.

Q:  Can I use a SS coned setscrew or any set screw?

A:  The provided coned setscrew is 5/16”-24x5/16” with a 118 deg cone taper.  This is the optimum length for all the bodies we tested in.  Unfortunately, we have not found a supplier selling them in SS.

A:  We cannot assure the valve will align correctly or will seal correctly with other than factory provided setscrew

Q:  How can I support Shocktech USA

A:  Hit social media and profess your loyalty to the brand.  Buy more!  And as always shoot Shocktech USA for the win.  “One Name”