Shocktech Ram With "X" Ring Upgrade

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ST Rams

Shoctech Rams have been manufactured by companies such as Clippard for many years before paintball came along. While others made these rams work with their guns we decided to make our ram specifically for paintball. The Shocktech Ram has a slightly longer throw which reduced chopping paint. Unlike most other rams, ours is completely rebuildable with drop in parts.

Key features:

  • Easy to service
  • Piston accepts a Allen wrench for ease of install, adjustment and removal of pump arm
  • Longer throw than most rams for ease of tuning. 
  • Throw is adjustable for setting that precise cocking point

Exclusive at Docfire Paintball all ST Rams will come with a "X-Ring Seal"  for the piston.  

  • There are two sealing surfaces to give a positive seal with less friction. Due to an improved pressure profile over X-Ring Seal cross-section, a high sealing effect is achieved.
  • The recessed mold parting line provides no flash or parting line on the surface of the seal and ensures "zero leakage." What's more, a lubricant reservoir formed between the sealing lips improves performance at start-up.
  • The X cross-section resists spiral twisting and extrusion. Due to its special profile, the seal does not tend to twist in the groove during reciprocating movement
  • Twice the sealing surface means less radial squeeze is needed to create an effective seal resulting in less friction, less wear and longer service life.

NOTE****RAW parts are not refundable****NOTE