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Other Paintball Marker Service (Non Elec or Cocker)

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To get service on your Non Electros or Autocockers
contact Garrett Simmons (Docfire) on Facebook Here you will be provided a one on one consultation then a shipping address to ship your marker to me. 
DO NOT Pay for the service first.
All hard parts replacement, if needed are extra. (solenoids, solenoid gaskets, screws, spings...) Automag Teflon o-rings are considered hard parts.  You will be quoted a price after inspection and or teardown.  All old parts returned minus o-rings and hose.  If you decide not to continue then the marker will be returned unassembled SH USPS Flat Rate.  
Prices includes standard return shipping.  Insurance is a extra charge.  Next day or overnight shipping is additional
Level 1
  • New o-rings (o-ring store brand)
  • Lube of your choice (Ultra silk, Tech-t, Outlast, Dow 33, AKA oil, Docifre Grease/Oil, NANO oil)
  • HOT Sonic bath (if your marker has jewels then a cold bath)
  • Time and Tune on reballs