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To get service on your Autococker contact Garrett Simmons (Docfire) on Facebook Here you will be provided a one on one consultation then a shipping address to ship your marker to me. 
DO NOT Pay for the service first.
All hard parts replacement, if needed are extra. (rams, springs, screws...)  Will be quoted a price after teardown.  All old parts returned minus o-rings and hose.  If you decide not to continue then the marker will be returned unassembled SH USPS Flat Rate.  
Prices includes standard return shipping.   Next day or overnight shipping is additional
Level 1 (Great for end of season or mothball rebuild)
  • New o-rings (o-ring store brand)
  • Lube of your choice (Ultra silk, Tech-t, Outlast, Dow 33, AKA oil, Docifre Grease/Oil, NANO oil)
  • HOT Sonic bath (if your marker has jewels then a cold bath)
  • Time and Tune on reballs

Level 2 (Great for build up and addressing valve issues)

  • All from level 1 plus...
  • Time and Tune to you Barrel Kit (must include barrel kit) 100 ball max
  • Hammer/Valve Spring swap if needed
  • Polished Hammer, Lug, sear, trigger plate & glide screws

Level 3 (Quite Frankly the best end of season bang for your buck)

  • All from level 1 & 2 plus...
  • Tank Reg Rebuild with reg seat if available and needed
  • Inline reg tuned with reg seat if available and needed
  • Reg dyno run on paint with you tank reg and barrel (50 ball max + lever 2)