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FIRE SEREIS SFL #18 PC-451 Arson (2022)

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This is Arson Homicide PC-451 #18.   Never forget the carnage and gore, just put it in a place to manage the mental pain.  Firefighter mental survival is real.   


  • Extend reach FIRE Series SFL
  • Parts to convert to Mini
  • Killshot Kustom Trigger plate with custom spring
  • Contract Killers CK FIRE Series grips
  • Full F1 Barrel kit
  • Barrel bag
  • Custom marker stand by Docfire PB
  • Hard Case with custom plaque
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Oring kit 1x
  • Stock Gunfighter trigger spring (stiffer)
  • Factory Lube (Slickolium)
  • Sticker
  • Anodizing by Aesthetic Anodizing
  • Custom mill Shocktech USA SFL