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FIRE Frame GRIPS (Adhesive Grip)

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GRIPS from Docfire Paintball
  • Fits the Gunfighter and most other 45 Frames back strap.
  • Fits Inception Designs back strap area.
  • Fits most Autococker hinge frames.

IMPORTANT: Before installation, thoroughly clean the frame of all oils and debris using a alcohol pad. Be sure the frame is completely dry and apply the GRIPS. Use a heat gun or blow dryer to heat the GRIPS until warm to the touch which activates the adhesive. Mold the grip to the firearm frame.

Size: 2" x 1.5"
Material: Adhesive rubber 3M 300LSE
Color: Black

Note: These are not grip panels but adhesive grip rubber.


  • 40 dura rubber feel
  • Ultra thin profile - 30% thinner than a credit card
  • Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) sheet
  • Cushions impact without compromising your natural hold
  • Creates non-slip surface


  1. Pre fit the the GRIP prior to removing the backing.  Trim where necessary.  Remember the grip panels cover the thin rubber for a professional look.
  2. Clean the surface with alcohol. Position the material onto your desired surface.
  3. Massage/knead material into place. Use a heat gun or blow dryer to warm the material. Do not overheat.
  4. Press the material repeatedly working over the entire surface while the adhesive cools. The more handling, the better the adhesion.

3M 300LSE adhesive facts:

Humidity Resistance:   High humidity has minimal effect on adhesive performance. No significant reduction in bond strength is observed after exposure for 7 days at 90°F (32°C) and 90% relative humidity.

UV Resistance:   When properly applied, nameplates and decorative trim parts are not adversely affected by exposure.

Water Resistance:   Immersion in water has no appreciable effect on the bond strength. After 100 hours at room temperature, the high bond strength is maintained.

Temperature Cycling Resistance:   High bond strength is maintained after cycling four times through: 4 hours at 158°F (70°C) 4 hours at -20°F (-29°C) 4 hours at 73°F (22°C) 

Chemical Resistance:   When properly applied, nameplate and decorative trim parts will hold securely after exposure to numerous chemicals including oil, mild acids and alkalis