The "FIRE SERIES" By Docfire and Shocktech (Free Ship USA)

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"RARE"  Own FIRE-001 or FIRE-002 Sterilized SFL

New "FIRE SERIES" SFL is a FIVE Star level of gun and is considered Shocktech top shelf work horse.  It is built, timed & tuned by Danny Love himself to maintain quality control and a constant result.

Now this is no wall hanger, as it beats with the heart of a championship line of Shocktech markers.  So, if your game is tournament or mech play, feel confident that your Docfire Paintball “FIRE SERIES” cocker will burn the competition to the ground while looking good.  Just the sound of the “FIRE” will beat back the opposing team.

Make yourself the envy of others, with performance and style, while shooting the Shocktech/Docfire “FIRE.”

So what's included:

  • The FIRE SERIES marker with all the Shocktech goods
  • Aftershock AccuLock Barrel Kit includes 6 control bores ranging in inner diameter (I.D.) from 0.675 to 0.695, so you can get the perfect fit for any paint.
  • Tuned Ninja Paintball ProV2 Regulator just add your tank.  Regulators will come with a NIST certified of output pressure test.  Regs are set at a optimal 730-750 psi.  
  • O-ring kit (to fix your friends markers)
  • Docfire Kock Ring LUBE
  • Hogue Palm Swell Grip panels extra
  • A Docfire Custom Challenge coin serialized for each marker.  I challenge you to only play Mech with a cocker based marker.  NO SPACE GUNS 
  • Plano Marker case HEAVY DUTY
  • Docfire HALO headband Tie style CAMO

The FIRE SERIES is a collaboration marker between Shocktech and Docfire Paintball.  Sold exclusively by Docfire Paintball.  About 6 months ago I contacted Danny and Mark from Shocktech to do a custom run of STL markers for Docfire Paintball. Surprising enough they said yes.  I worked with Danny on the design concept and he worked his magic coming up with the FIRE SERIES cocker.   In my complete BIAS opinion, he knocked it out of the park.  Danny took my considerably basic ideas and shaped this into a “Shocktech Fan Boys” must have marker for 2021.