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Custom River Paintball Marker Stand

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Custom River epoxy stand in two sizes (size 1 10" x5" 1-gun) (Size 2 10"x18" 3-gun)

So trying to do my part by reducing the plastic waste, I have use mostly natural products in my stand.  The wood base is Poplar and it one of the very sustainable harvest hardwood.  The plastic base is printed in PETG at only 45 grams in plastic and it 100% recyclable.   Although the white PVC attachment is not recyclable it can be used in your lawn irrigation system.  The Screws is metal and can be recycled or reused,  So it all a win win. 

Custom River colors and Laser engraving with a clear finish in a reclaimed wood. 

So why buy my stand over others:

  1. Its eco friendly
  2. You will feel better 
  4. The Coupler is NOT 3d printed so it resist breaking along the printed grain and drooping your marker on the hard floor.
  5. It made in the USA by me (some materials may be sourced overseas)
  6. I can laser engrave it for you or your team
  7. Locking screw

Custom logos/designs must be provided by the buyer and the buyer must have permission to use logos/designs if not owned by them.  Most formats accepted.

NOTE: All stands are made to order and may take up to two week to ship after artwork is accepted and approved.  Black or Silver printer part may be used.  Color upon request.