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90 deg Macro-Line Pro-Fit Fittings

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Push to connect 1/4" macro-line fitting.
This is a 1/8 Pro-Fit fitting and is compatible with most standard threaded paintball markers1/8" NPT.

Pro-Fit Thread Design

  • Low Profile Fit
  • Fast Installation
  • Perfect Reusable Seal

Pro-Fit thread design allows assembly with all female thread NPT forms. The new model is interchangeable with tapered thread fittings. The special sealing method has a locking effect similar to that of the taper model. Since the sealing ring is made of PTFE (Teflon®), it is not subject to wear and can be used repeatedly. Thread tape and thread sealants of other materials can be replaced, eliminating the need for full-length NPTF thread, thus reducing the fitting size. Sealing is achieved on inclined, concave and convex surfaces. Connection and disconnection of the tube can be repeated several times and can be performed using one hand and without the use of tools.