2022 "FIRE SERIES" Preorder Deposit

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Deposit: $500 (nonrefundable see policies)

This deposit starts the process on your custom FIRE SERIES 2022 SFL.  (This is not the full price of the FIRE Series SFL)  

Marker starts at $1699.99 (gloss) or dust) and goes up depending on anodizing pattern.  Your deposit will be applied to the final price.

Order Process

Select Marker Options

  1. Pay Deposit
  2. You will receive an email with a link to a form for your color choice (unless you're the lucky one that got the ONYX FIRE)
  3. Fill out your gun anodizing description and provided in the link in your email.
  4. Anodizing confirmation process via email and or phone.
  5. Your marker will be anodized and then returned to Docfire Paintball for assembly.
  6. You will be Invoiced for the balance left on your marker including shipping and any taxes.
  7. Your marker is shipped in a "Made in the USA" hard case.
  8. You open your case and shoot your paintball gun for the first time.  Then sell all your other paintball guns as this will be your last.
  9. You will create your living will an in it will have a clause to be burred with your FIRE Series SFL.

The SFL FIRE Series

Yes, it is The FIRE Series is limited run. The gun also comes with all the other features you've come to expect from Shocktech including: LPC, Bomb 3-Way, FGP Regulator, and Ram 2.0, Gunfighter 1.5.  In addition, a tuned Killshot Kustom trigger plate, Contract Killers custom grips, and the F1 barrel with full kit.  Put it all together and you have all the weight savings and tournament winning performance you are accustomed to with a Shocktech cockers.