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FREE Laser engrave your name, team or store/field name.  exp 12-31-2020


If your a Paintball Tech or just service you own equipment you will ask yourself how you lived without this TOOL TRAY.  Unlike most paintball mats, without sides and tons of small groves to loose tiny screws in, the TOOL TRAY has 1 inch sides to contain your parts.  Feel confident at the field that you won't have a part role off your tech mat and be lost forever.  Now you can setup shop in the livingroom to watch Jane the Virgin with your Lady, Mother, or Dude, without worry that grandmas coffee table will get damaged.

Casted out of food-grade silicone, The tech tray series is the new, hassle-free solution to organizing and stowing your tools and small parts. Whether in the kitchen table, shop or field, the tech Trays are designed to handle any conditions. Available hi-visibility yellow with a built-in carrying handle, the tech trays are the perfect accessory for any garage, livingroom, kitchen, service tech, field owner, or Paintball Team.

  • Clings to almost all cleaned, smooth, flat or curved surfaces
  • Soft silicone material protects delicate surfaces from scratches
  • Built-in tool rest, ruler and liquid chamber
  • Heat resistant up to 390°F+
  • Oil and chemical solvent resistant
  • Easy to clean – Just use soap and water

Size: Large
Tray Dimensions: 19.75 L x 11.75 W x 1 H in. | 501 L x 298 W x 25 H mm
Weight: 2.25 lbs. | 1.0 kg