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WGP STO "Shock Teck Out" (Restro Mod)

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Super nice STO Restro Mod. 

This was a chromed-out cocker that we fully Shocktech out

Hit the field or paintball mech tournaments today.  Ready to Play (RTP) just add tank, hopper, paintball and YOU! 


  • ST lowers
  • ST Ram
  • ST Bomb 3way
  • ST FGP Low Pressure Reg
  • ST Gunfighter with custom Laser work
  • Killshot Kustom trigger plate
  • ST old school trigger shoe
  • ST Bever tail
  • ST Ball detent
  • ST bolt and pin
  • ST Regulator
  • CP on/off
  • Hogue Grips
  • 14" Insert XL ready with Deadlywinds Whip Tip DYE UL-S tip 
    • .682 XL insert